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We are a video production and post-production company that provides a complete range of services to businesses — from concept generation and script writing to production and final delivery. Build your brand with NAM Video.


Case Studies:


Corporate Marketing Videos

The strength of your company’s brand and its recognition by consumers and clients are critical to the constant success you want to achieve. We recognize this and create videos that help strengthen your brand identity.  



HP Blue Carpet

Launch video

When HP Blue Carpet was being launched in the USA, we worked with HP to develop a video that would encourage resellers to adopt the program. 

 The client was pleased with the video, placing it on its website landing page where it has received high viewership.













L3 Wescam

Series of Sales videos

 L3 Wescam needed to position itself as 'the leader in the field' at trade shows and in meetings with its prospects.

 We created a video that was designed to be used by both their national and international sales reps. It incorporated high impact motion graphics, giving them a competitive edge over their competition. 

 The company was so impressed with the feedback they received from the video that we were commissioned to produce two additional videos.












Hire Results Ltd.

Landing page / email Video

Hire Results Limited is a service-based company that has its own proprietary method of testing candidates before selected for the job.

NAM Video helped them explain the type of services they have to offer, creating a video that made them stand out from their competition. 

 Since the video has gone online, Hire Results Ltd. has received significant positive feedback, giving them a competitive edge. 






 Corporate Communications and HR Videos

The lifeline of your business is your people. Research has shown that the most effective way to engage employees is through video as many people would rather watch video than read. We can help you create video that keeps everyone connected to company mandates and culture. 



Reckitt Benckiser - Mucinex Brand 

Motivational Video - Brand specific

Reckitt Benckiser needed a punchy, flashy video that highlighted the achievements that the sales team did for the year. It was to be presented at their annual sales conference.

They were happy with the results and they received a lot of good feedback from the sales reps.

It is now being used as a motivational tool for the reps.
















HP Blue Carpet - Getting Started Video

Instructional video

HP needed a video to educate everyone who was joining the HP Blue Carpet program. NAM Video created a video that explained the steps required to be fully activated in the program.

The video was an integral part of the launch of the website in the USA and has had nearly 100% viewership by those joining the program. 
















SBLR - 5 Star Training Video

Educational video

At SBLR, new hires are required to go through a training process to understand the standard of excellence that SBLR adheres to when working with clients. The problem was that a consultant was needed to be brought in to conduct the training on a regular basis.

The video we created replaced the consultant and is played for all new staff arrivals. Current staff also have the ability to access it whenever they need to refresh their practices.
















AOL - Flash Dance

Flash Mob Video

This video was commissioned by Fervent Events to capture a flash mob dance at a private party.

 We used multiple cameras to shoot this video as there was only one chance to capture the footage.

 The client was pleased with the final product and posted it on its Facebook page where it was quickly shared via social media, leaving a lasting impression within the group.















Your organization's message is key to educating the community. We work closely with you to deliver compelling videos that supports your mission and raises your profile in a meaningful way.




Adoption Council of Ontario

Educational Video - Autism

The Adoption Council of Ontario wanted adopting parents to understand that children with autism needed forever families too.

 We created a video that highlighted the fact that although a child with autism may need different styles of teaching and training, they would still bond with their families.














Adopted Children's VIdeo ( Editing done by NAM Video)

The Adoption Council of Ontario wanted to raise awareness about the need for older children to be adopted too.

They knew that if people could see these children, it would make the issue more poignant and inspire action.

 Although they had never worked in video before, they recognized that it made good sense and hired NAM Video to help them communicate this important message.

 NAM Video knew the best way to convey this message was to give the children themselves a voice. We worked with the Adoption Council of Ontario to create a strong message and story board a concept that would be filmed by the kids but edited by NAM Video.

 It was a positive experience for the children involved in the filming and has generated awareness amongst Ontario parents that older children need to be adopted too.














Heart and Stroke Foundation

Public Awareness Video

The Heart and Stroke Foundation educates the public and health officials on the importance of preventative healthcare.

This video was created to show the general public's view on preventive healthcare and what they thought the budget was for preventative healthcare.

The video was to show people how little is being spent on preventative healthcare in the over all healthcare budget.

















Small/Medium Enterprise Marketing Videos

We strive to optimize your visual communications with video -- giving you a competitive edge that sets you apart from your competition. Our most successful clients are those that have integrated video into their overall marketing strategy. 

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Minuteman Press

Landing page video

Printing is a competitive industry and Minuteman Press in Scarborough, Ontario wanted to use video as a way to increase SEO. The issue was that the owner wasn't a strong public speaker and was hesitant to be featured in video.

 NAM Video worked closely with the owner to practice and hone his delivery and created a voice-over format that was more comfortable to deliver.

 The video was shot in a single morning and edited over the course of two weeks.

 As a result of this video, Minuteman Press made the first page of Google in their selected keywords, which resulted in more business. 










 Driving School

30 sec Broadcast TV commercial (now on website landing page)

 As the # 1 driving school in London, wanted to make an impact on the community on the importance of a good driving education. The commercial was well received and it directly resulted in an increase of students in their classroom.

 The broadcast commercial also help further strengthen their brand in the London and surrounding communities.

 They were very happy with the increase of business as a result of the video and have since worked with us to create VLOGS for their website.






Lyra Communications


Lyra Communications wanted to stand apart from the myriad of companies selling social media services.

NAM Video created a series of intimate, yet professional, video blogs (vlogs) to showcase their expertise and provide real value to prospective clients.

Since publishing the videos, Lyra Communications has received significant positive feedback. The principal has regularly been asked to speak at events and they have received new business directly as a result of the vlogs.

Click here to find out more about VLOGS 














Digital Marketing Companies / PR Firms

With video now playing a central part of any digital marketing strategy, we work with you to develop strong video content to go alongside your clients’ social media strategy. Video is one of the fastest and simplest ways to engage with an audience and we can help you strategize a video plan as part of any marketing strategy.

In PR campaigns, research has shown that a video component increases client engagement by up to 500%. We offer long-term packages exclusive to PR firms that make producing videos an affordable option for your clients. Contact us for details.




SBLR Accounting Firm

Web Marketing Videos

SBLR works with mid-size entrepreneurial companies. It was important that their target audience viewed them as friendly, approachable and professional.

Together, we worked out a video strategy that showcased SBLR's level of professionalism while highlighting their key  partners. Each video, which was consistent with SBLR's brand and appropriate for use across various marketing platforms, focused on sector-specific services from each of the partners.

 Since launching the videos in early 2012, SBLR has received positive feedback. Clients have been more comfortable when meeting key partners for the first time because they'd seen them in a video on the SBLR website.

SBLR has now merged with Richter LLP.













Student Works

 Online marketing video

Student Works needed a video to educate students on the company's management program. 

Student Works was pleased with the final product, which has resulted in increased enrollment in the program. 


















Advertising Agencies 

With more than 10 years of previous experience in the advertising industry, we understand what is needed to work in conjunction with you, the advertising agency, to fulfil your corporate partners’ video marketing needs. We understand how best to keep a project moving forward and to meet your clients’ deadlines.

We can work as part of the agency team to complete the video component of a project or as a third party vendor – whichever best suits the needs of a project.


Fervent Events 


Landing page Video

Fervent Events is an experiential marketing company that has done numerous street campaigns.  

The website video was created to highlight the services and results that their programs have on consumers.

 We have worked with Fervent Event on several occasions to capture their street marketing campaigns. 








2D / 3D Motion Graphics


The real strength of NAM Video

Most of our videos include unique motion graphics created with the latest software technology. These cutting edge designs are what we like to call "Eye Candy". They set us apart, giving our clients’ video productions a professional, competitive edge.

Check out the videos below to see what all the hype is about.